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6 chapters
+8 hours of video
Additional resources
Fully compatible with Abaqus Learning Edition


"Abaqus scripting with Python is a very well-structured methodical course, filled with abundance of value and knowledge gained over many years, leading students through well thought out and fun examples, supported by brief theory introductions. Style of teaching is easy to understand and follow, individual modules are broken down into shorter easy to absorb packages of information gradually building up from the very beginning to the end. Miguel is very knowledgeable and provided solutions and feedback whenever I ran into difficulties. I have found the course very enjoyable and found it almost like a good book that I was unable to put down until completed. I want to also emphasize the value that comes with lifetime access and new updated content. Amazing content, I highly recommend the course"
radovan fridrich
Radovan Fridrich
Composites Engineer, UK
"Learning to interact and automate Abaqus simulations using Python Scripting has really unlocked things I could have never imagined prior to taking up this course. As a structural engineer, I have been using Abaqus for several years, but I always relied on the software graphical user interface (GUI) to run my simulations. This course has completely changed my perspective of Abaqus and has truly unlocked lots of possibilities for me. I'm currently using all my learnings from this course for my research. Dr. Miguel has done a fabulous job in using apt examples to demonstrate how Python scripts can be used to automate tasks, customize simulation workflows, and analyze simulation results. Highly recommended for anyone who uses numerical solvers to tackle complex engineering problems!"
Harikumar Venugopal
Civil Engineer, The British University in Dubai (UAE)
“I have just completed the course Abaqus/Scripting with Python and, firstly, I would like to say congratulations. It has been a really interesting course, from which I take lots of resources to implement. I would like you to make new courses with the advanced topics mentioned at the end (optimization, user interfaces…). I hope to see new contributions and courses soon!"
Andrés Egido
Andrés Egido
Loads Engineer at Airbus (Spain)

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